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Summerlands 3 Out Soon!
Featuring the literary works of Penny Fey, Ogmios, Justin DiMeglio, MJ Preston, Trevor Firetog, Kat Fey, with art by Ogmios and Justin DiMeglio
The stories continue to unfold with BESTIAL BLOOD, GROUP THERAPY, SPLICERS, CELTIC MYTHOS and SKIN! Plus this issue features two new comics; THE STARING CONTEST and a new Summerlands regular, CLOWN & PIRATE!

Summerlands 4
We are looking forward to Summerlands 4 which will debut i, Android with art and story by Ogmios. i, Android is a new, on-going storyline that is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller.
Also debuting is the first installment of Penny Fey's chilling, illustrated horror Lucidity.

Catch up on all of the stories in Summerlands 1 & 2
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Coming 2017
Bestial Blood 1, Splicers 1, Stormy Night Tales and much more Summerlands!



OTB Comics is psyched to announce it has produced its first of many game adventures, Hallowed Hill, Developed by the award winning GM Dr. Nik for Thunder Classic RGP, the game adventure and beta rules are available to download and play for FREE. Visit the GAMES page for more.

Puzzles and Playing Cards are in production!


OTB Comics has signed author extraordinaire Erin Thorne to write the epic fantasy story The Age of Ragnus.
Book 1: Dragon-Gods Awake is slated for release Fall 2017.
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Rock and Shock - October 14-16 (at the New England Horror Writers table)

Super MegaFest - October 21-23 (at the New England Horror Writers table)

RI Comic Con - November 11-13

Northeast Comic Con - December 3-4

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