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The Age of Ragnus

A unique fantasy realm full of Trolls and Giants, Elves and Dwarves, Drakkolisks and creatures in the dark yet undiscovered. A world where ancient dragons rule as gods; Spawns of the Great Dragon, Nadra-Peist, charged with guarding his prize creation, the world of Terraconis. But while Nadra-Peist sleeps, the dragon-gods turned their back on most of the mortal world, disgusted with it's greed and lust for power.

In the wake of the gods' neglect, something sinister and brooding stirs in the shadows ready to rise up and exact dominance...


Tales from Terraconis

Illustrated short stories from the realm of the dragon-gods and the Age of Ragnus, the world of Terraconis. This project is in the works and planned to be written by various feature authors. One talented author, Errick Nunnally (Lightning Wears a Red Cape and Blood for the Sun), has begun his short about an unexpected sentience with a mysterious wisdom that's been buried in the depths of the world since the time of the great dragon.

Keep your eyes open for more on this promising work of intrigue. We will post here as we add author's to the list.

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