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Lightning RPG System

Lightning RPG is a fresh role playing system that is easy to learn with logical rules but packed with options and lots of room for imagination. Taking place in the unique high fantasy dragon-realm, the Age of Ragnus, adventure to your goal of riches, infamy or unbrideled magical power. Lightning in the Age of Ragnus is fantasy role playing at its best!

We have been playtesting the beta system for over two years and have run games at various New England conventions with great response. The beta rules are being wrapped up now and we will have a free PDF including a starter adventure available here so you can test it out yourself.

Check back here for a FREE PDF of the beta rules.
DUE: May/June 2019


Lightning Key Game Features

  • Easy, logical rules let you get in the action quickly
  • Diverse character options and unique races
  • Character sheets are easy to use
  • Innovations simplify leveling, ability tracking and encumbrance
  • Power Points for all Classes levels the playing field for magic and physical abilities
  • Easy to adapt to from video game RPGs
  • New monsters, unique treasures and strange lands to discover in the deeply imagined Age of Ragnus dragon realm
  • A rich sandbox for Game Masters to create their own adventures
  • Great for old-school gamers and younger family and friends
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